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We've got a fresh new shine!

We've been working with some incredible clients, and we wanted a brand new website to make sure we look as good as our work. Check out our latest reel below!

Mortal Kombat

Honing our craft on NetherRealm's latest.

We had an amazing opportunity to help develop VFX for combat, in game cutscenes, fighter intros, and even the cinematics used to tell the gripping tale of the latest Mortal Kombat from NetherRealm.

We're Undertone FX, and we make real-time VFX look good.

A Few of Our Clients

Some of Our Partners

Song of Nunu

A song lives forever. And now, so do our VFX!


Hunt superheroes. Steal their powers. Save the world.

Empire of Sin

We added a bit of flair to the 1920's.


A new kind of Battle Royale experience set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe.

Where Cards Fall

A slice of life game with a slice of our VFX in it.


Zero Hour

Teamwork is everything in this intense squad-based shooter.

Halo Recruit

We worked with Endeavor One to bring new UNSC Recruits up to speed in VR.


Castles of Sin

Infiltrate the Castle in Arashi : Castles of Sin

Vineyard Valley

We helped bring life to Jam City's Vineyard Valley!


Sunblink needed fun filled VFX to match all the charisma they packed into every inch of Heroish.


Midwinter's first title Scavengers, an epic PvEvP experience in an arctic apocalyptic wasteland!

Atalos Gate

Tactical space exploration with a little help from our VFX.

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