Our aim isn’t just to make VFX for you, but to to make the greatest version of each effect to have ever graced a video game engine.

Undertone FX is a team of talented artists and staff committed to building a company that not only succeeds at delivering amazing visual FX for real time productions, but creating a comfortable and employee-focused workplace for people to enjoy. We’re as committed to our FX as we are to our ideals of a healthy and happy work life balance, because we feel that happy artists not only produce the best work, but integrate well with the teams we get to work with!

Our expertise started with our founders David and Elsa Johnson, both of them with over twenty-five years of experience, creating a solid foundation for this company to build on. David has had his hands on some of the biggest franchises in gaming, including titles like Halo, and Call of Duty where he served as head of the FX department at Activision’s Infinity Ward studio for eight of his ten years there. During that time, he led teams of over thirty-five artists and won two of our studios combined FOUR VES awards! He’s also earned the prestigious title of “Fellow” of the Visual Effects Society and even served on the board of directors! Elsa is a force of nature herself, with vast experience in numerous aspects of corporate law, including domestic and international corporate formation, mergers & acquisitions, SEC filings and more. She was one of three members of the legal team for media mogul Univision/Entravision and was the Sr. Corporate Paralegal for Roll Global, a multi-billion dollar privately owned international company. Both David and Elsa’s experience and history allowed Undertone FX to start off on the right foot, and they made sure they put that foot down in a very special place.

Thanks to our location in Savannah Georgia, we have an amazing opportunity thanks to our immediate connection to a world-renowned art school, the Savannah College of Art and Design. This gives our studio a unique opportunity to establish relationships with faculty and students at the school, and even provide jobs to newly graduated students who can continue to learn and thrive alongside more experienced staff members. But we’re not just a local business, we’re global too! We look around the world for employees and contractors to help flesh out the company with more experienced and senior level staff from around the world.

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Wondering what working with us could look like?

We understand that outsourcing art can be an intimidating prospect, and we know that VFX can be particularly interdependent, often relying on designers, animators and more! So here’s a little information about our practices, and how we aim to keep your project on track, our clients happy, and awesome effects flowing into the projects we’re lucky enough to work on!

Define the Objective

Do you have a deadline coming up? Need help setting up your giant hero set piece cinematic? Talk to us and we’ll come up with a plan on how to meet your needs!

Reference Gathering

We begin by gathering relevant references for an effect to create a video montage. Once compiled we'll even check in with you to explain things we like or think are valuable!

Quality Assurance

We support our artists efforts with our own internal staff, alongside your designers, artists, and animators to make sure we hit our marks, and integrate our work effectively!

Daily Updates

At the end of the day, our artists will update you with a short video showing progress on their FX to help ensure we can communicate what's happening and what should change!

If that sounds good to you, send us a message!