You have a life, and a career.
We want to see you doing well in both.

Undertone FX was built with every intent to keep our employees happy. We do that by striving to ensure we’re all enjoying work, avoiding crunch, and ending our days and weeks with energy and time to enjoy the things we want to pursue outside of our careers. 

Health & Vacation

We want to make sure you’re covered if anything unfortunate happens! We also want to make sure you have time off to enjoy the fortunate times as well!

Remote Work

We’ve got employees and contractors all over the world! Our flexible schedule makes it easy to bend your work schedule to your needs!


We were founded as a no crunch company, we're pretty successful at maintaining that! Overtime, though rare, is paid at time and a half!

And more!

We want you to have the freedom to create personal projects, take a day off for a new game, and more! We're always looking for new perks!

If that sounds promising, then we’re off to a good start! Now, send us your reel!

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